‘I must exist. I choose to be awake.’
Inspired by this thought, the founders bestowed their company with the name SVEGLIO. Derived from the Italian term ‘Sveglio’, meaning awake; not a mere name, but a style of life. Stemming from the subtle distinction between taking notice of the world around than simply seeing it, SVEGLIO has developed designs to unleash the power of the mind. Consistent quality checks, and thoughtfully sourced business partners helps SVEGLIO ensure only the best cotton for a soulful sensation.
‘Curated from, and curated for the idea of travel.’
Comfort is an inspiration for our designs. For far too long, T-shirts and sweatshirts have been the same, with an emphasis on what is on it, rather than a design that reflects your personality. SVEGLIO has incorporated innovation to craft a timeless design, with an emphasis on minimalism, to allow the wearer to tap into the needs of the soul and harness the potential of the human mind through awareness of self-existence and one’s surroundings.